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14 King's Mews, London

A+D Studio's latest completed project is the redevelopment this site on the corner of Northington Street and King's Mews in the Bloomsbury Conservation Area of London. The original mews building at 7 Northington Street and 14 to 17 King's Mews was a small two storey garage and flat which had fallen into disrepair and was allegedly once occupied by Diana Dors.

The height of the surrounding older buildings and recent nearby developments meant that this building stood out like a broken tooth, London Borough of Camden conservation however claimed that the building contributed positively to the character of the conservation area and was a rare remnant of the original form and character of these mews and subsequently planning permission was refused. We were undeterred and immediately prepared an appeal in which we argued that what we proposed conforms to the form and scale of the local character and the surrounding area and has integrated well into the wider streetscene and become a valuable enhancement to the character of Bloomsbury.

In conjunction with our client we have designed a high quality residential development of six apartments from small studios to a superb luxury air conditioned apartment with extensive roof terraces creating valuable amenity space. It creates a simple but striking building of four storeys on Northington Street and three storeys on King's Mews, which reflects the typical building height on these two streets.

The elevations immediately adjacent to the neighbouring buildings are in matching London Stock brickwork which is prevalent in this area whilst the corner of the development has a clean white rendered finish which reflects the appearance of the buildings on the other three corners surrounding the site. The part of the development on King's Mews itself is three storeys with large openings at ground level and smaller windows at upper levels and has been designed to respect the traditional appearance of a typical mews building.

Large Danish composite aluminium and larch windows and sliding doors make each room within the building very light and airy. Luxury bathrooms with Royal Mosa tiles, the highest quality SieMatic kitchens, European Oak floors and staircases complete the clean modern atmosphere.

With an emphasis on sustainability, the building achieves Code 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, utilises air source heat pumps, triple-glazing and the highest standards of thermal insulation.

Photography © Jefferson Smith + A+D Studio