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Little Lane, Wollaston

A+D Studio was commissioned in September 2012 to give a general architectural overview and interior design and landscape advice for this new house. Subsequently A+D Studio’s commission was extended to give a full architectural service for the whole design and construction.

The client's desire was for a contemporary house situated within the garden of their present home in Wollaston. The four bedroom house will nestle into the natural slope of the site presenting a single storey aspect to the road but two storeys facing the garden. The principal elevation material of the house is white render broken up by areas of fibre-cement cladding, the recessing and projection of the render and cladding provides elevational relief to the facade which is punctuated and defined by high quality room-height metal and timber triple glazed windows. The fabric of the building is super insulated with heating provided by a sustainable air source heat pump to ensure that the house will be very economical to run.

The house has been designed to accommodate changing lifestyle and may be easily adapted to enable the occupants to live wholly on one floor should this be necessary.

Planning permission was granted in June 2013 and our design has recently been completed in late 2015 in conjunction with enabling architects APC of Northampton.

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